Slam-Ball FALCO 15 Kg

45.00 €
38.00 €

Slam-Ball FALCO
Weight: 15kg.
Color: Black.

The medicine balls "SLAM BALL" are anti rebound, built with materials of high thickness that makes the ball impact resistant.
The use of Slam Balls is to launch them against the floor with full force, they remain on the ground and do not bounce.
NOT a normal medicine ball that is used to launch it from one person to another.

If you are looking for the Med Ball normal, we recommend this category
Up to 8 KG - weights Recommended for beginners to train with the Slam Balls for the first time
8-15 KG - Workouts medium - intensive.
15-30 KG - Recommended load for intensive training and complete!
Over 30 Kg - Strongman Workouts.